Black belt tests (dan tests) are conducted at AAA seminars with an examination board that includes members of the Western Region Test Committee. Candidates are expected to take a pre-test, either in person in Southern California or by video elsewhere.

The AAA tests up to the level of yondan (4th degree black belt).

Black belt certificates are issued from Aikikai Hombu Dojo (Aikido World Headquarters) in Japan.

Kyu test requirements
Dan test requirements
Weapons kata notes
Kyu test application form

Vocabulary list
Test etiquette notes‚Äč

Video of Nakayama Sensei performing the examination requirements



All testing at Mountain Path Aikido is conducted according to the requirements and standards of the Aikido Association of America (AAA).

The dojo has a self-paced system for testing (7th kyu through 1st kyu) before black belt level. A student member who meets the time/seminar requirements for a rank may demonstrate the examination material and receive feedback. When the demonstration meets the standards for success, the student will be invited to take a formal test.

Self-paced testing worksheets and instructions

Belt colors for kyu ranked students are as follows:
Unranked through 3rd kyu - white
2nd and 1st kyu - brown