Aikido has a reputation for being difficult to learn. At Mountain Path Aikido we do not believe this. Anyone can learn aikido, as long as they have the desire to train.

Mountain Path Aikido follows teaching methodologies established by Aikido Association of America founder Fumio Toyoda Shihan and developed by James Nakayama Shihandai of Chushinkan Dojo.

Attacks, falls, and techniques are initially taught with emphasis on moving correctly and understanding mechanical forms. Once forms are ingrained, connection with partners becomes the focus. At this point the student's timing improves, and the smooth, harmonious techniques of aikido start to emerge.

By following a progressive curriculum of examination requirements, the student’s repertoire of techniques is gradually and systematically expanded. With this solid foundation, performing clean, elegant techniques eventually becomes natural and effortless.

The class atmosphere is that of a workshop. The instructor helps students as a group and individually, and partners practice together cooperatively.


Our Teaching Philosophy