We accept student members, who have decided to train and test with Mountain Path Aikido, and training members, who may be visiting from another dojo (with their primary instructor's permission). 


All students coming to train with us for the first time will need to complete a waiver.

Visitors from other dojos may join our practice according to their experience level. Training in intermediate/advanced classes is by permission of the instructor.

New students should watch a class first, to see how we practice and so that we can answer any questions. Students who wish to join the dojo should check the membership box on the waiver and pay their first month's dues.

We accept children aged 10+ who are mature enough to follow the class and train with everyone. 

Students with medical conditions that may limit or be worsened by their training may be asked to provide a doctor's written consent with an explanation of any aspects of training that should be avoided.


All students: $45 per month for as many classes as they wish to attend.

Families: First member $45 per month, second member $35, larger families by arrangement.

Single class fee: $10

Dues apply to a single month. No credit is given for classes the student misses, or occasional class cancellations. We do not use contracts.


Testing (by instructor's invitation, optional): $25 for ranks up to black belt. Ranks are registered with the Aikido Association of America.

Black belt testing: prices vary. Ranks are registered with Aikido World Headquarters in Japan and fees for higher ranks depend on the exchange rate.

Weekend training seminars with guest instructors are offered several times each year. Attendance at a seminar is not required until students have taken their first three tests. Seminars are individually priced.