Aikido classes begin with formalities, based on Japanese culture. These are observed throughout the aikido world. 

A period of stretching follows. Students who prefer a more extended warmup may stretch before class.

A portion of the class is set aside to practice safe falling. Beginners are closely supervised.


Fill out a waiver, pay your dues, and come to class! That's basically it. Full details on the Membership page.


Mountain Path Aikido students wear white belts until they reach the rank of 2nd kyu, when they are awarded a brown belt. 

Aikido students wear white judo or karate uniforms. Black belt students also wear the hakama (traditional black pleated pants).

Students who do not own a martial arts uniform may practice in modest sports clothing that covers their elbows and knees.

It is acceptable for new students to wear a uniform from another art with a white belt.‚Äč

Attacks, responses, joint locks and throwing techniques, and weapons kata are taught. Usually one technique is taught in detail per class, and variations may be added.

Students may practice with a partner or in a group, depending on the technique.

Students may ask the instructor for help at any time.


Aikido training involves working with partners to apply techniques. 

We respect one another, which means that we practice safely and with consideration for our partners, wear clean uniforms, and do not wear makeup, perfume, or other toiletries that will transfer to our partner's clothing.

Training is cooperative. The class environment is well-controlled, and partners let one another know when the technique is working and when to stop. The instructor will intercede if practice appears to be too intense for one partner. 

For a new student it can be rather intimidating to touch someone you do not know, and to have them touch you. We are sensitive to the shyness new students may feel with one another. Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable.

What to Expect

When you visit us you will be welcomed, and if you have never practiced aikido before you will be invited to watch the class. Instructors will be available to answer your questions. If you have trained before you may join our practice. Please bring a completed waiver. Advance notice is not required. Just show up! 

We realize that for most people, the hardest part of visiting a new dojo is walking through the door. It helps if you know what to expect!