Utah Seminars 2019

October 26 Wellness seminar in Logan with Rick Testa Sensei, details TBA

November 15-17 AAA seminar in Logan with James Nakayama Sensei, details TBA


We've Moved (yes, again!) 

New location in downtown Logan.

Class Cancellations​​​

Monday July 1

Thursday July 4

Thursday August 29

Thursday October 3

About Aikido Seminars

There are no competitions in aikido, but we regularly get together for weekends at large venues to learn, practice our art together, and reconnect with friends. This is an important part of our training, and attendance at seminars is required for the higher levels of testing. Black belt testing must be conducted at seminars.

The first day of most seminars is taught at a level suitable for beginners.

A flyer is issued for each seminar when plans become final. Do not make travel arrangements before seeing the flyer!